Summer Speech Therapy

I worked in the public school setting for a few years right out of graduate school.  I learned so many things, but a huge take-away was how important summer speech therapy is for almost all students.  When practicing articulation of sounds, language, fluency tools, and pragmatic skills the importance of continuity of practice is important.  Some parents requested referrals for private speech therapy, while others requested at home packets to practice.  Some students needed a little break, but most benefitted from continuation of service.  School budgets have been cut, so summer school/therapy is now more limited.  If parents are interested in continuing the child's IEP goals with another SLP, I encourage them to contact local private SLPs.  They can find nationally certified therapists at  Capital Speech Therapy is offering limited local summer speech therapy groups.  If you live in Northern Virginia and are interested in discussing summer speech therapy groups, please email me at