A lot of parents ask me about fluency.  At some point in development your child may have "stuttered".  "Is it normal when Jimmy says the same words over and over?"  "Sometimes I just want to finish his sentence because it takes him so long and I know what he wants to say".  I've heard these frustrations and questions during many evaluation sessions.  I can tell you that stuttering (disfluent speech) is usually transitory.  Meaning that most children will grow out of it or it's just a phase of development.  But, in a few of these cases the stuttering persists and can continue well into adulthood.  As a parent, it can be frustrating knowing when something may need further evaluation or when to be patient and let the phase pass.  Below I highlighted key features of transitory disfluency and disfluencies that are atypical.  If you feel your child may be displaying atypical fluency, please contact me today on my home page and sign up for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your concerns and schedule an evaluation.