Speech Sound Development

As as a speech-language pathologist and mom, the one question I get asked the most is regarding their child's speech sound development.  "Should Bobby be saying his /s/ sound correctly by now?" "Grace doesn't say any /k/ sounds.  Is that normal?"  These are daily questions for me.  Since speech sound development happens throughout early childhood and different sounds develop at different times, I can see how confusing it might all seem.  In addition to sound development, pediatricians are asking parents at each well visit if others understand your child's speech.  So, now you're worried about their intelligibility.  Many times parents are frustrated at not knowing what is developmentally appropriate and when they should seek out the services of a speech-language pathologist.  Below is a simple infographic that shows when about 80% of children will have developed sounds and their ages.  You will also take note that some sounds will develop in the initial position of a word (/b/ in "bat"), and will take another year for that child to say the same sound in the final position (/b/ in "cab").  If you have any questions or think you might need a consultation, contact me at 571-319-3347 or email me at elaine@capitalspeechtherapy.com.  We'll set up your free consultation to go over your questions and concerns.